Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Most Popular Chuck Norris Exercise Equipment (Chuck Norris Exercise Equipment)

Chuck Norris Exercise Equipment

Hi guys, below is an article that mention about the most popular Chuck Norris exercise equipment, that is, Total Gym. This article was written in a way that will drive you to buy the Total Gym. So, read wisely. My role is just to highlight whatever exercise equipment that Chuck Norris uses. Buy it if you like it. Happy reading:

by Zokson Boss

Everyone has heard of Chuck Norris, right? Besides making movies, Chuck Norris has exercise equipment such as total gym for us to use as well. After all, we all want to have a nicely toned body. One of the most popular products is the Chuck Norris Total Gym 1700.

This is a very well made piece of exercise equipment, which has smooth movement during exercise. Male and female can use this Chuck Norris piece of exercise equipment. It weighs about 350 pounds and has ability to add 75 pounds of additional weight to the machine for additional resistance.

This machine challenges your muscles and will tone your body. However this machine is not for bodybuilders who can lift/push hundreds of pounds. It has many different exercises and is easy to fold for an easy storage. One thing that is great is, it will slide under a bed or into any other storage when folded to preserve the space.

Continue reading... As mentioned before the Chuck Norris Total Gym 1700 is very heavy around 350 lb, so you may need help to move it around, however it makes it up for quality workout. The price on this machine is very affordable comparing to Bowflex and Weider. The Chuck Norris Total Gym 1700 comes fully assembled and is fun to use. The book of exercises that comes with the machine is a great guide in step by step exercises and is broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced workout plans. For the money it cost, it is well worth investment.

You can count on this exercise equipment to last you a very long time. And if you do spend 3-4 times a week on this fitness machine, you will most likely lose weight and tone your body.

This Chuck Norris exercise equipment works mostly on your upper body and the abs, while there are some leg exercises. Just like with most machines it takes a little practice to learn how to get into beneficial positions, but after using the machine for a little while, you will get a hang of it.

Zokson Boss

Chuck Norris Exercise Eqiupment

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